We wanted to create a smaller outdoor mud kitchen that was still just as much fun as a standard size one.


Welcome to Mini mud kitchen, she is brilliant fun and super bright, with a stainless steel mixing bowl and a real working tap it's enough to keep anyone busy for hours on end.           


Great if you have a smaller space or would like an add on from another mud kitchen, suitable for 1 - 7 year olds both girls and boys.

Mini Mud Kitchen

  • The Mini mud kitchen has a stainless steel bowl which is removable, hooks on the top shelf and a tap, we have added a connection on the back so you can have real running water, just attch this to your garden hose pipe.

    Mini mud kitchen has 3 coats of Purple Pansy and Lavender Cuprinol Garden Shades.

    All of our mud kitchen are solid, built to last and resilient in all weather conditions.

    Mini Mud Kitchen Dimensions:

    • Length 50cm
    • Worktop Height 50cm
    • Depth 50cm
    • Height of the back 90cm